Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sealine and Sandune Craziness Experience

Thank You Mr Rosli for taken us to Sealine and brought us into this experience, first time in my life I ride ATV (All Terrain Vehicle).

Spesis anjing di Qatar, kakinya panjang.

Challenging Time

Doha is under rapid development and this constraint civilization effected lifestyle of their residence.

My Medical Checkup process had been delayed because of document misplaced. In picture shown, workers and expatriate waiting for X Ray. Bau bawang la depa ni....

Malam di Halul, pekena Shisha... first time la ni... pekena favourite orang arab... punya la ramai malam tu sampai aku dok kat luar, punye le sejuk cuaca masa tu dalam 15darjah Celcius. Kelihatan bersama orang Ghana, Isa namanya.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Transfered to Twin Mansoura

After forthnight stay in Merweb, I was relocated to transit house in Twin Mansoura. Now it is time for me to find my own food and wash own laundry. The place is bit far to south of Doha near the Airport.

It was a decent apartment, but with no compound and it only for temporary. By this time most of new expatriate, will going through their first phase of life in Qatar.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Doha Sightseeing

2 weeks had passed now, and so far it was a very interesting week for me, especially with lots of Malaysian friends around. Doha, was a very interesting and fascinating place. It is now growing and developed in a fast pace. It is smaller than KL in terms of area covered, but it had a very nice attractive place to visit and good city planning.
The vehicle here were left hand driven and price were much more cheaper than Malaysia. Fuel price is 67dirham for premium and 80dirham for super grade per liter and lot of luxury cars can be seen here. In fact many Malaysian own a very good car here.
Yesterday I went to Villaggio and Souq Waqif for sightseeing, here's the photos I would like to share. So, friends and families, if you wish to come here, wait until I get a car.....
Inside Villaggio, actually its indoor

Stadium Khalifa and Aspire Tower, built for 2006 Asian Games

Night at Souq Waqif

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ya Hala.... to Hashim

Yesterday Hashim Daud (instrument supervisor) arrived at Dhoha, we met at Nokia shop when I want to go UAExchange. Later we (together with other malaysian colleague) had a dinner and follow up with coffee session at coffee beanery.
We shared stories among us and of course we had to learn from it. Take a lesson with so many experience among us. Mr Hashim told us about his daughter crying when he want to came here, and hug his both legs. Fuh.... me myself also will be crying if in that situation... but luckily not happen to my children. But good for Mr Hashim he managed to sacrifice in order to gain something from his HIJRAH.

Today i got internet connection which i pay QR90 for 1 day. First of all, i skype with family, Aisha very happy to saw me.

Alhamdullillah, they are in good health.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get to know Dhoha

Today I was going for jalan2 with friends. In the morning I'm going for finger printing procedure but my document wasn't ready yet so just went makan angin (finger printing is for crime investigation), after that went to QNB al islami bank to activate account, later in the afternoon, went to city centre with Zamri and Ken. With my advance already in hand, I bought a new henpon, Nokia N73 music edition for QR989. Interested with Fara phone with dictionary in the phone, so tht I choose it.

In front of City Centre shopping Mall, there was standing proud of RasGas Tower. Its strange for me, previous days I was proud of KLCC, now I might change my view as expatriate away from home.... isk isk isk

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Phase of Hijrah

Dhoha City Centre at glance

A week had gone and I would say that I'm lucky enough, the weather is good, the info i got from senior friend is much helped, and stay here in Qatar under RasGas was well taken care of. The only challenge is the working environment. Of course I'm new, so InsyaAllah I will cope up soon and will overcome the hard time.

I was lucky, because so many Malaysians are already here and it really helpful. Many that I had known before, like En Nazri ex Bomba, Yusri Ayax, fellow ex-PPM, many more. From friend I am making more friends. Alhamdulillah.

Marzuki's BMW X3

Last Friday, En Nazri and En Marzuki(geologist) brought me, Ridza, Hasmin to Dukhan, to met fellow ex-BASF Petronas colleagues, Mr Khairil, Solihin and Syamsul.

Pictured at first well head in Qatar

Earlier on the first day, Kamal had shown us around All Sad and bought new prepaid card which was very essential here in Qatar.

this is my room in Merweb Hotel

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Staying at Merweb Al Sadd

Since my arrival till two weeks time it was a great hospitality/welcoming gift given by RasGas, staying in Merweb Al Sad, a 3 star hotel in the heart of Dhoha . It was< I can said a luxury (for me) with lots of food given and I can stock up some drinks/mineral water and juice in order to fully utilise the food budget given.

It was like a dreaming or honeymoon time untill the day U get to know with working environment in the global situation in RasGas where 50 differnt nationalities working in RasGas. Some people get dishearted with this environment but some people take this positively as they learn how to suit themselves in the herd. Especially they now see the culture and the peolpe of Qatar, the landlords where they are they master of their home land. Also the will get used to indian community populated more than half of Qatar.

Everybody will get through this phase of life changing, like me the first time in my life out of home.....

See you all then, I'm didn't had enuff time now. Bye

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Day at Qatar

Alhamdulillah, the first day is much more than I was expected. All things runs smoothly eventhough I'm not bring much money. Just need money to buy new mobile phone card. QR50 only.

Evening go to Hisham house, get chat with wife. The house was really big than I imagine. Hall was big.

kitchen fully equipped.

Friday, January 2, 2009

this pic was taken during my farewell ride. this week really made me fell sad (little bit je), coz had to say good bye to every body, but thanks and syukran to all good friends for the wishes. now I can see that I had many wonderful friends. I dont know if all this while I had been a good frien to them, hope so. Good to All also. Thanks and definitely will see you again when I am home.

Last Day in Petronas

Today is my last day, actualy just came for the farewell ceremony this evening. Had to given few words and I purposely not prepared with what I want to said so that I can said from the bottom of my heart.

I really feels lucky to be honoured in such way, compared to few of others. And syukran alhamdullillah, God heard what I always prayed for.

Below are my resign letter which I supposed had express my heartfelt.

En. Nazilan Hj Mohd Nawi
Pengurus Besar
Jabatan Pengurusan Sumber Manusia & Pentadbiran

Saifuddin Shah Sowkkatali
Pengurus Kanan
Jabatan Keselamatan, Kesihatan, Alam Sekitar & Sekuriti

Zulkhairi Abdul Rahman
Jabatan Keselamatan, Kesihatan, Alam Sekitar & Sekuriti

16 Disember 2008



Merujuk kepada perkara diatas, saya dengan ini memaklumkan hasrat saya untuk berhenti dari perkhidmatan sebagai kakitangan Petronas Penapisan Melaka Sdn Bhd.

Keputusan ini diambil setelah saya memikirkan dengan sedalam-dalamnya dan semasak-masaknya, kerana saya sedar bahawa PETRONAS telah banyak mendidik saya, membentuk saya dan sebagai rakyat Malaysia saya masih sayangkan PETRONAS.

Setelah 15 tahun 10 bulan berkhidmat dengan PETRONAS, kini saya rasa adalah masa yang sesuai untuk saya melakukan perubahan dalam karier saya atau penghijrahan dalam kehidupan saya sebagai ketua keluarga, sebagai warga Malaysia dan sebagai umat Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Untuk pengetahuan tuan, saya amat berbangga dan bersyukur dapat berkhidmat untuk PETRONAS. Sepanjang perkhidmatan saya, saya merasa sangat bertuah dapat menjadi sebahagian daripada warga PETRONAS, dimana ribuan lagi rakyat Malaysia bercita-cita untuk menjadi kakitangannya. Terbukti PETRONAS telah memberikan kehidupan yang baik untuk kakitangannya, malah juga dapat memperbaiki ekonomi masyarakat sekelilingnya.

Namun, masanya telah tiba untuk saya mencuba nasib ditempat baru dan memberikan satu lagi peluang kepada rakyat Malaysia yang lain untuk bersama PETRONAS. Sesungguhnya segala ilmu dan pengalaman yang telah ditimba diPETRONAS akan menjadi pedoman saya ditempat baru saya iaitu syarikat RASGAS Co Ltd, Qatar.

Saya akan berhijrah ke Qatar untuk menimba ilmu dan pengalaman yang baru dan lain dari yang telah saya lalui bersama PETRONAS. Saya lebih suka untuk mengambil pendekatan Hijrah kerana ia sangat dituntut oleh Islam, untuk membuat perubahan kepada yang lebih baik lagi.

Doa dan harapan saya akan tetap bersama PETRONAS dan kakitangannya walaupun setelah saya meninggalkannya, dan begitu juga yang saya harapkan dari Tuan supaya mendoakan kejayaan saya kelak. Saya juga berharap kita akan terus berhubung demi kebaikan kedua-dua pihak. Sesungguhnya pengalaman di PETRONAS adalah suatu perkara yang paling berharga yang tidak dapat dibeli dan tidak akan dapat dicari ditempat lain.

Terima Kasih kerana bantuan dan sokongan Tuan selama saya berkhidmat dibawah seliaan Tuan.

Terima Kasih PETRONAS

Yang Ikhlas.