Thursday, September 19, 2013

Percutian Keluarga dengan Kelana Convoy - Conquest of Europe

Alhamdulillah, kami baru sahaja pulang dari percutian terhebat seumur hidup kami , iaitu Conquest of Europe organize by Kelana Convoy. Kami berjaya menjelajah 8 buah negara dengan selamat, UK, France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Austria, Italy dan Switzerland. Kami menaiki bas dari London kemudian bas tersebut merentasi selat Inggeris melalui tunnel (bas masuk dalam keretapi) dan kemudian kami menjelajah selama 16 hari, tidur di camp site sekitar bandar utama Europe dan makan makanan malaysia yang di masak oleh krew kelana konvoy.

Idea untuk trip ni was initiated by Hj Awang dan Hj Yus. So, plan punya plan dari 12 family register, yang confirm jadi 10 family. Famili Hj Yus, Hj Awang, Hj. Zamri, Hj bahrin, Hj Hashim, Hj Tengku, Hj Man Remboe, Hj Hisham, Hj Shahrizal dan Famili saya. Total 42 orang dari Al Khor. Kami semua satu bas dan yang dari Malaysia campur campur ada satu bas lagi.

Dari Doha naik Turkish Airline, dapat group price, dan dapat banyak info jika di kongsi bersama. memang bayak kelebihan travel in group, tapi nak organize group bukan nya senang jika melibatkan group yang besar. Alhamdulillah semua family dah biasa bekerjasama.

Di London kami duduk di Travelodge Hotel Vauxhall ( ) satu bilik dalam 50GBP, cukup untuk kami 5 beranak.

Yang tak best nya di Eropah ni semua toilet tak dak paip air untuk basuh so terpaksa guna botol kecik untuk kencing atau berak.

Tips untuk mereka yang nak join trip ni:
1. Bawa baju 3 pasang dah cukup dan jaket, baju hujan dan boots. Tak payah bawa baju banyak sebab ada washing machine dan dryer di campsite. List penuh ada diberi oleh KC (kelana convoy)
2. Bawa makanan dalam tin, macam serunding, sambal, rendang ke sebab KC cuma sediakan lauk basic je...
3. Untuk yang berkeluarga di rkomen untuk ambil kabin, senarai penuh cabin juga di beri oleh KC
4. Berhati-hati dengan penyeluk saku dan penipu jalanan, terutama di Rome dan Paris. Trip kami dua insiden berlaku, beg shopping dilarikan, satu lagi seorang gypsy dan anaknya datang meminta sedekah tapi sempat ditepis tangannya cuba membuka pouch bag. Aku sendiri didatangi oleh dua wanita menunjukkan cincin emas, dakwanya mungkin hak aku tercicir tapi aku tak layan. Mungkin ini perangkap untuk kita ambil cincin tu lepas tu mungkin akan datang orang lain dakwa cincin dia.
4. Untuk shopping KC akan bawa ke Barberino Premium outlet, tempat tu lebih murah dan setempat, tak payah pergi tempat lain.

Itenary perjalanan kami;

Day 1: London to Amsterdam
We depart from Park Lane, London,  when we get to Belgium,we stop for Belgian chocolates! Continue into Holland, we'll set up camp near Amsterdam.

Day 2: Amsterdam and Volendam
After breakfast, we drive to the picturesque Dutch fishing and cheese village of Volendam.
We also have the opportunity of standing on the dam (barrier built along Holland to hold back sea water) and marvel at the fact that most of Holland is below sea level.We pose for a memorable picture by the windmills. Starting from noon we spend the rest of the day in Amsterdam city centre. We take a boat ride by the many canals,  collect another of your Hard Rock Café's T-shirt or take a peek at the infamous red light district.

Day 3: To Heidelberg
We head south east crossing into Germany today. By late afternoon we arrive at the Heidelberg, home to the oldest university in Germany. We visit Heidelberg Castle on foot or take the Funicular train. Then it’s time to explore the old town and shop for some souvenirs before returning to the campsite.

Day 4: to Fussen.
By late afternoon we will reach Neuchwanstein castle. Built by King Ludwig, this casle is the fairiest of all the fairy castles, situated on top of a hill surrounded by mountains and lakes. Mr Disney was inspired by this particular castle when he built his Disneyland fairy tale castle. We then continue our journey into Austria towards our campsite.

Day 5: Innsbruck to Venice
We spend the morning going around the City of Innsbruck. Visit the Golden balcony, the lod City gate and shop for SWAROVSKI crystals and accessories. You will also be taken to the sky jump ramp built for the winter olympic which was once held here in Innsbruck. We will then be making our way into Italy and camp near Venice for two nights. B,L,D

Day 6: Venice
After a short boat ride from our campsite, we will reach the island of Venice. You’ll have a full day to explore this magical city, which includes such famous landmarks as St. Marks Square and Cathedral, the Doges Palace and Bridges of Sighs. Don’t forget to take in the view from the Bell Tower and explore the markets around the Rialto Bridge for souvenirs such as Murano glasses and crystals, Venetian mask and lace. You can enjoy on foot the spectacular view of Academia bridge and Rialto bridge over the Grand Canal or sit back a Gondola ride through the canals.

Day 7: To Rome via Barberino Designer Outlet
Today we head south towards our next campsite in Rome. En-route we will stop at the Barberino Designer Outlet for some retail therapy. There are over 100 boutiques, hundreds of designer brands with savings of 30-70%, offers are even harder to resist with our special 10% discount card. Upon arrival at the campsite, take some time to relax or enjoy a swim at the campsite pool before dinner.

Day 8: Rome
This all-in-one incredible city enables us to step back in time of the ancient Romans, the Renaissance era and the establishment of Roman Catholic. See the remains of ancient Rome in the Roman Forum, visit the Colosseum and Trevi fountain. Discover the secrets of the Vatican city and the Sistine Chapel. The whole day is free for you to explore the city of Rome and the small independent Catholic country within rome, The Vatican.
 Day 9: Rome to Pisa.
We start travelling north heading towards our campsite near Pisa. From the campsite, you will be shown the way to Campo di Miracoli. To the people of Pisa, Campo di Miracoli is the most beautiful square in the world! You will see the grandeur or Italian Marble used to build The leaning tower of Pisa, The Baptistary and the Cathedral. Around the square, you will find many souvenir stalls as well as Italian restaurants.

Day 10: To Swiss Alps
We have a whole day of fun activities in the coach today upon reaching our next destination, Switzerland. We'll play a few interesting games whilst travelling, watch a movie on video and enjoy the spectacular view. We will drive along Lake Como and Lake Lugano before arriving to the Swiss Alps region. Our campsite tonight is situated in a valley in between gigantic snow-cap mountains with waterfalls - Lauterbrunnen.
Day 11: Lauterbrunnen & the Swiss Alps
You have a full day to explore the mountains. The optional Jungfrau excursion* offers you breathtaking views as you take the cog railway up into the mountains to the summit of the Jungfrau Mountain (3454m), a scenic journey taking about 2 hours. Whilst at the summit beside the incredible views you can explore the ice palace, and if the weather is fine try your hand at skiing or enjoy a dog sledge ride. For those not taking the excursion to the Jungfrau you can visit the unique Trummmelbach falls* (10 amazing waterfalls in a cave) or hike the many trails. (Remember to bring your sunglasses, jacket and suitable footwear if you are planning to venture into the mountains.)

Day 12: Lauterbrunnen & the Swiss Alps
Another day to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Switzerland. You can visit the unique Trummmelbach falls* (10 amazing waterfalls in a cave), hike the many trails or hire a bicycle to explore the area. The less adventurous can relax and enjoy shopping for Swiss army knives or watches B,D

Day 13: To Paris
We leave the gigantic mountains behind us and head for the Metropolitan City of Paris. We drive north west through the mountains passing beautiful vineyards in between many French chateau before arriving at the contrast, busy city of Paris during the rush hour.

Day 14: Disneyland Paris Option
A full day to enjoy the thrills and spills of the rides at Disneyland Paris* as you explore the complex. Alternatively you can continue to explore the big city of Paris by visiting the magnificent Palace of Versailles, the skyscrapers in La Defence or the Cite Des Science un Industrie. B,D
Day 15: Paris
Our day starts with a sightseeing tour that will include such famous landmarks as the Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, to name but a few. The rest of the day is free for you to enjoy the sights on your own, maybe take in the view over the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower*, or visit one of the numerous art museums such as the Louvre* for Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa'. In the evening you'll go for a romantic river cruise* to see Paris by night. For those who have been to Paris before, we can show you the many parts of Paris you have not discovered!
Day 16: Paris to London
After breakfast we make our way out of Paris and travel through to the Port of Calais, from here we take the ferry across to Dover or take the Channel Tunnel and finally to London. We expect to arrive in London around 6pm. The drop-off points are normally Victoria Station and Park Lane.