Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010 and a year look back ...

Alhamdulillah, it has been a year now since my first arrived at Qatar in Jan 4th last year. Time fly very fast and I feel like ... owh what did I had done for the past 1 year, it was like I had not enough things to do. Look back one year past at least I had few things that really make me feel better for myself. Now I can help my family at home better than before. I can reduce my debt at home country, even tough not all.

Now I had more quality time with family then before, which I hope will be my most valuable "investment" in my lives here in Qatar. The kids had an opportunity to study in well facilitate school just like me before in RMC. They also had a very nice environment inside the community to grown up. Most of the kids when I asked where did they had more friends in Qatar or Malaysia? Most of them answer in Qatar, because here it’s like army camp, living in flats, so we have many closed neighbours.

But in terms of achievement, yes, this is the year of my big change. I can say this is achievement, if I don’t do anything at first I won’t be here. At first I always ask myself if this the right thing to do. Leaving the best company in the world, I knew few of my colleagues in PETRONAS will questioned this statement, but if its not among the best company in the world, it will not achieve what it had achieve now. Some problem in management will certainly exists but comparing to other industries with the same size and complexity, it was far beyond the ordinary standards. In fact my previous company had achieved Solomon Benchmark Index 4th quartile which means the world class refinery.

Leaving the comfort in works and life, to the challenges one certainly the hardest decision ever. Only the stupid and dumb do that, but for me it certainly had a better explanation of all. First when I received offer from RasGas Co. Ltd, I made some research about this company. It’s 70% - 30%, Qatar Petroleum - Exxon Mobil. Second, the process of recruiting people looks professional to me; they gave instruction and information from A-Z. It really relieves me lot.

I can now enjoy seeing new things out off my own country that I really dreamt before. InsyaAllah, next year I will go to Mekkah for umrah. After that Gulf countries are big enough to explore, one by one. Meanwhile NEBOSH certification will add me some homeworks. I hope I had enough time to do what I plan, and Allah please show me the way...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Caves of Qatar - Musfer Sinkhole and Fuwairit Beach

Even though Qatar is a desert country with almost plain elevation but there were caves in Qatar. At first it was surprised me but after a few reading than we can understood how this caves formed.

Musfer Sinkhole located 35km from Doha and the way to it was easy and smooth by taking Salwa Road and newly built highway to Bu Samra and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The cave or Sink Hole as it was formed, have the depth of approx. 100mtrs. Yes, it was very deep. From out side nobody will expected the hole was big and deep and it also very hard to find from far without a GPS.

Way back, Ayang drives the car. She obtain the driving license after passed driving test in the early morning (they gave the license on the spot, after that). I know she can drives, she had 13 years experience and 3 times accident.... at least better than me 15 yrs experience with more than 15 or more accident, i dont remember ... hahaha ... but most of it by motosikal.

Fuwairit Beach

Crocodile Rock

A day before that I take a chance after night shift to went to Al Fuwairit to survey the place for camping or picnic. At Fuwairit there were a rocky hill lays along the beach and people have to drive up across the hill to reach the beach. I was impressed with my Santa Fe, that did the job very well.

The Fuwairit is good for people looking for privacy, but for family with little child, those rocks cliff is dangerous. For me its not in my list ...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Qatar National Day 2009

Qatar National Day
The Day of Solidarity, Loyalty and Honor.

At night there were fireworks show at corniche, we and Mr Amir's family again went there to witness the celebration. But we decided to only watched from far because Aisya had fever and cold. The night was very cold but it not stop us from enjoying the show.

Later after the firework show we and Mr Amir's family heading to Sealine for camping there with other Al Haya Families which already there since afternoon.

At first we decided not to bother K'lot having good time fishing but after we got lost in the middle of the desert, we called him and he picked us up at Sealine. We arrived around 1.30am.

for further details lihat blog Puan Nojie

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sealine Family Outdoor Camping

Location: 20km south of Sealine Beach Resort
Participants: Family of Zulk's, Amir's, Moped's, Mahadi's and Nizam's. K'lot bring his son and Wan Jo. Family of Zack's and Hasmin's arrived on Saturday.

Sealine Part 2
Participants: Mahadi's, Moped's, Nizam's family, K'lot, Wan Joe and Rudy. We and Mr Amir's arrived early morning after take wrong routes. Group from Al Khor, Kimi, Jo, Wak and Amir arrived on saturday.

This time we were having unexpected situation whereby our camping spots were vanished by seawater tide, so we had to move all our stuff and cars to a bit distance from shore. It happen in the early morning when I was just get in to sleep.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Family Trip to Zekreet

On 3rd December, we arranged a trip to Zekreet for family fun day out. 4 families turnout, Zuls, K'Lots, Amirs and the Mopeds. The destination is to the film city of Zekreet where they said previous "Tranformer" movie was made there.

The trip was fun with a lot of something to see, abandon buildings, wild animals, deserts, rocky hills and beaches (unfortunately we pick not a very nice view of beach to camp because we need also near to toilet). Later in the arternoon we unpack the lunch and burn some chicken. We enjoy the afternoon untill sunset and before we heading back, we pray Maghrib "jamaah" together like the ordinary Arabian did.

May Allah prolongs our friendship until end of our lives

Friday, November 27, 2009

Al Haya Eid Celebration

For the first time in Al Haya, we organize a function outdoor and outside the clubhouse. We started after Asr, preparing and fire up charcoal and began cooking at 4 oclock. The Menus were satay and soto at first but with the generousity of others, we got laksa, pulut kuning, pelbagai kuih, kek and fruits. At last full 2 tables of foods.

Everyone is happy including kids. We have fun together and we want to do it again.

my Santa Fe

A day before Eid the good news is finally arrived, the car that we were booked from before Eidul Fitri, ready to be pick up from show room. Mr Arif called me in the late afternoon, to take the car as soon as possible because tomorrow is Eidul Adha and they will close early, but I said I'll come after Maghrib. If I can wait them for month, they have to wait for me, only for few hours. No need to rush here in Doha, because everything running slowly, except the traffic. Thats the mentality here. From government office to construction, they were all slow. Hmmm ...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Musim Haji 1430H dan Komuniti Al Haya

Musim Haji datang lagi, kali ni kami berada hampir dah dengan tanah suci, tapi belum ada peluang nak kesana. InsyaAllah target tahun depan akan sampai Mekah. Rakan2 Qatar ramai juga yg akan mengerjakan haji, En. Tarsono, En Haris, En Faizal dan En Hussin agaknya tengah sibuk beribadah di tanah suci, di doakan mereka dan jemaah yang lain mendapat haji yang mabrur.

Hujung minggu ni bermulanya cuti Eid Adha, cuti panjang bagi yang kerja Office Hour, dah tentu berbagai aktiviti akan dipenuhkan. Geng2 Al Haya pun tak ketinggalan dengan perancangan tersendiri. Hasil perbincangan meeting malam Sabtu lepas, kami merancang mengadakan camping (favourite musim sejuk) di Sealine, rumah terbuka Eid, Bowling dan Futsal. Bertambah meriahlah komuniti kami. Ahli2 baru pun dah bertambah, setakat sekarang ada 28 keluarga. Harapan saya semoga ikatan persatuan ini tetap teguh dan mesra. InsyaAllah.

Monday, November 9, 2009

2009 FIVB World Men's Club Volleyball Championship

A world class sports event coming up again in Doha, this time volleyball men's club. It was held in Aspire Hall a world class facilities for world class event.

Me and family went to the Final match between Trentino BetClic of Italy and PGE Skra Belchatow of Poland. The game was won by Trentino Betclic. It also an interesting game as it was played among the best players in the world, but the most interesting was its free entry, free t shirts and free flow drinks for all. What a good environment here in Qatar, just come and support local event and you'll be entertain. Truly it was a good event for me and family.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cuti2 Malaysia Part 8 - Sunway Lagoon

Memang dah plan sebelum balik kitorang nak pergi Sunway Lagoon, mula2 rancangan kami sebelum pusing semenanjung tapi hari isnin tak bukak, so kitorang pergilah di minggu terakhir cuti. Dapatlah bawak family sebelah Ayang. Tak ramai yang dapat ikut sebab bebudak sekolah dan tak dapat cuti. So kami pun masuklah dalam 12 dewasa 4 kanak2 dan 1 warga emas.

Permainan yang seronok ialah Congo Challenge, dimana kita kena meniarap atas tikar yang diberi dan meluncur laju atas air, berlumba sesama sendiri dalam enam lorong yang disediakan. Kemudian meluncur atas tube di African Phytons dan Cameron Climb. bagi anak2 boleh bermain taman permainan sambil dibasahi air yang tiba2 mencurah dan juga meluncur perlahan didalam sungai buatan dan melalui air terjun niagara.

Keseronokan kami tak henti disitu kerana kami bermain pula di Amusement park, dimana terdapat kapal lanun yang boleh berpusing 360 darjah. Kemudian menaiki keretapi buruk yang tak disangka boleh meluncur laju dan kami juga berpeluang menaiki jambatan gantung terpanjang didunia (sehari sebelum tu jambatan gantung kuala dipang runtuh)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cuti2 Malaysia Part 7 - MotoGP

Malaysian MotoGP 2009

Kebetulan balik kali ni ada Moto GP di Sepang, so aku tak lepas peluang, aku ajak Norman sekali. Naik Swift dia yg baru MBS 9**2, mantap di lebuh raya dan jalan kampung.

Tapi seksanya kami nk mendapat tiket, nyesal tk beli online. kena beratur panjang tapi nasib baik semua berdisiplin. Tak macam MotoGP Doha, org tak ramai dan mudah nak masuk, Malaysian MotoGP kali ni ramai dan lambat masuk tak dapat tempat duduk (kt grandstand la.)

Masa MotoGP nak start hujan pun turun so delay kejap. Pastu bila dah slow sikit, MotoGP pun start.

Rossi bermula di kotak hadapan tapi akibat berebut masuk first corner, dia tercicir ke no 8, tapi kemudian dia kejar satu persatu sampai ke no 3. Tak tau le strategi ke ape, tapi naseb baik dapat no 3 sebab pedrosa jatuh. Apa pun Stoner tetap unggul dihadapan dgn moto ducatinya yg hebat.

Walupun Casey Stoner menang, tetapi Rossi mengesahkan kejuaraan dunia 2009 milik beliau. Kali ke 9 untuk seorang pelumba hebat sepanjang zaman.

Kali ni aku berpeluang juga test skill shooting aku tapi banyak lagi nk kena belajar dan keterbatasan equipment yang ada. Ni la hasil beberapa gambar yg dapat.