Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sepetang di Al Khor dan Dhakira

Kami suka jalan jalan waktu petang sambil makan angin dan bermain.
Kampung kami tak lah semeriah mana tapi kami suka kampung kami.
Kami akan keluar bejalan selepas minum petang.

Kadang kadang kami akan ke taman pemainan dan kadang kadang kami akan bersama kawan kawan yang lain bermain sukan. Tak kira apa sukan pun kami tetap enjoy.

Disini tidak seperti di kampung asal kami, kami hidup dengan apa yang kami ada. Kami perlu bersyukur dengan apa yang kami ada dan tidak mengharapkan lebih dari itu. Memang keperluan kami disini mencukupi tetapi jika dibandingkan dengan di kampung halaman, kami kekurangan banyak benda. Di kampung asal kami terdapat beraneka kepelbagaian, dari makanan dan minuman sehingga ke pakaian dan peralatan. Ditambah pula kampung asal kami terdapat pokok yang menghijau dan hujan mencurah selalu.

Disini kami perlu banyak bersabar. Disini kami tidak mengejar masa seperti di bandar besar. Waktu seolah berlalu perlahan disini. Jika kita tidak pandai menyesuaikan keadaan, kita akan berasa bosan. Kadangkala kebosanan itu mengajar kita erti kehidupan. Dan bagi kami itu lebih baik dari kelam kabut keduniaan.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Aina - The beginning

My daughter started her first blog today, thats good for her. I'll encourage her to keep posting and writing. Blogs are still relevance even though facebook becoming no 1 sosial networking medium now. Blogs and FB are different concept and function. Both are really strong tools to be manipulate.

My son as well got his blog 4m33r.blogspot

Monday, October 11, 2010

Is it worth to work in Middle East?


Many of my friend ask me whether Qatar is good for future sake. This popular question, I had no specific answer. But the main point to consider is;

1. The wages are higher compare to Home Country, depends on your position, normally for senior staff the amount are much higher and comfortable. For non-senior staff the amount just a bit higher than 10k mark. Depend on yourself to save for your old age.
2. Challenges are another important things to think of. Working with mostly Indian citizen, upon not very convenience comparing to Malaysian working ethics. Some people frustrated and went home.
3. Middle east was a desert country. No river, no waterfall, no jungle to catch birds and so on. Ready to expect the boringness when hot season.
4. Summer time the heat rise up to 50 degrees celcius. Its like a big hair dryer blowing to you.
5. Homesick was common, especially Eidul Fitri and Eidul Adha.

As long as you can face this challenge, then you will find the bright side in your life. Actually there are lots of new things to explore inside and outside your shell. Many were survive and stay, few i found had stayed here more than 10 years, and happy staying here.

For me, right now I was really miss my country, even bad news appeared everyday. I miss the rain, roti canai, teh tarik, jungle, waterfall, everything that I remembered. But this is my journey, sacrifice, exploring until I am enough with it. May be one day this will be my best memories ever. InsyaAllah.