Saturday, March 21, 2009

Persatuan Malaysians RasGas

Semalam telah diadakan jamuan dan BBQ di Merqab oleh persatuan Malaysian RasGas, sebenarnya nama persatuan ni tak rasmi, tapi matlamat nya nampak pasti. Pertama untuk mengeratkan silaturrahim sesama Malaysian dengan menganjurkan aktiviti dan pertemuan, kedua untuk kebajikan bagi ahli dan keluarga jika terjadi sesuatu perkara2 yang tidak diingini atau kecemasan. Satu tabung telah di ujudkan, dimana tabung tersebut terbahagi kepada 2, yang pertama khairat kematian, yang kedua yuran bulanan.

Ini adalah satu perkara yang sangat baik dan aku amat menyokong sekali dengan inisiatif ini. Buat masa sekarang, ahli2 nya terhad kepada penduduk Al-Merqab dan Al-Haya (tidak semua Malaysian di RasGas terlibat dalam persatuan ini).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rumah Al-Haya

This is my home, Home Sweet Home....

Provide by RasGas, in a place called Al Haya compound near Hamad Hospital.
Its actually pricey to get a decent home like this in Doha, normaly for a home like this the price should cost around 10k and above, serious! The house rent and kids education fees here in Qatar is sky high. If anybody wish to work here, consider these 2 key factors before make decision. For RasGas employee, its such a bless to work for it.

Best thing about Al Haya is there was also a club house equipped with an indoor swimming pool, gym, pool table, ping pong table and a big hall enough to accommodate 50person for a majlis. The swimming pool water are kept warm by a water heater, good to swim even in winter time.

The house is 3 bedroom and 3 toilet, semi furnished with a/c, curtain, washing machine, dryer machine, fridge, electric cooker stove and oven. What is not included is sofa, beds, carpets, dining table and kitchen utensils. I had to buy those missing items by myself, of course with the allowance provided $$$$.... and also as a good orientation for me to get to know Doha, searching around from one shopping to another shopping complex.
So basically, Alhamdulillah for giving me all this and thanks to my family members for your support and friends for wishing me good luck. InsyaAllah when time come Allah will gave what He promised.