Sunday, February 21, 2010

Qatar - The Blessing Land

From my view, I think Qatar was blessed by Allah.

First, Al Jazeera the world known International Broadcasting Channel was based in Qatar. It function as independent media that report unbiased news especially it represent Islamic country or Arab world.

Second, Yusuf Al Qaradhawi was here, serves at Qatar University. He once was exile by the Egyptian Government and came to Qatar in early 60s.

Third, you can judge it yourself by look at this youtube video:

School Holiday and busy weekend

Its been a long time I was not updating this blog, one of the reason was too busy with program with family, going sealine, outing, pasar malam and few others community program . The other reason was facebook. Now people getting crazy about facebook everyday, every time, almost all the time with mobile technology in hand. I'm also get infected, even my wife and 2 kids ...

There was a lot of things to share, story to tell but a little time to write, so facebook is more convenient. But in blog we still need to maintain because it still the best choice for dairying/journal our lives moment.

Few things that comes to my mind last three weeks, first ... we have choices, we are the one who will made us looks like, we are the one who make ourselves to looks like a dumb or to looks like a clever person. Why did I really matters about what people looked at me? Actually, in my daily working environment, Malaysian people are quiet and don't want any problems occur so they are not interested to create issues. So because of our quietness, most people think that Malaysian are not a good workers.

But actually most Malaysian are highly capable and experience workers, like in RG, most of Malaysian are ex Petronas with experience more than 10 years... so we are better workers than most of the south asian workers. Petronas is a company which developed people, not like most of the Middle East company, they only hired an experienced people and get their expertise to be shared among the locals which are not always happen.

Second thing is we need to always think positively and put aside the negative thought as it will always blocked our progress in life ... betul la kata² Che Mat, always maintain our mental stability ... and from now on I will always look ahead and focus on my development ... insyaAllah.

Third thing was I planned to take my mother and parents in-law to come to Qatar and planned to go Umrah together, so now its time for me to make preparation lahir and batin... terasa diri ini amat kurang ilmu dan amal, kalau di ikutkan perasaan I mau menangis mengalir air mata dok kenangkan kotornya diri ini dari dosa2 silam ... satu pengajaran yang I dapat dari ceramah umrah oleh Ust. Jamal dari Indonesia bekerja QP, apa kata beliau ... ikhlaskanlah amal mu yang sedikit itu agar setiap amal itu bermanfaat dan bernilai di sisi Allah .... ameeenn...

Monday, February 15, 2010

MAQ Sand Dune Trip 2010

Location - inland sea coordinate 24°34'37.73"N 51°21'41.64"E
Total participants - 39 4x4 vehicle
Date Time: 12/2/200 0730-1930

The trip was held on Friday, I was just finished my duty that night and short after arrived at home, me and my family had to prepare and went with 4 other Al Haya family, Chots, Zacks, Abdans and Maleks. We arrived around 0830 at Sealine and continue journey to Khor Al Udaid (Inland Sea) and arrived there around 0930 am. When arrived we had lunch and playing around, on the afternoon we had a Jumaah prayer in the desert.

Sandune are one of the favorite things to do in Qatar, what else to do in desert country. But the inland sea is beautiful with blue turquoise water and white soft sandy beach. Anyway the important thing we are happy.

I also had an experience with my Santa Fe in sand-dune. It can climb fast, maneuvering very well in the sand even though it was not as tough as land cruiser. I will try again next time...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

RasGas Malaysian Family Day 2010

Date: 6th February 2010
Place: Sheraton Park, Doha

This event actually done for 3 sided RasGas housing compound, Al Haya, Al Mergab 2 and La Palace (and few other friends, because we're not limited ourselves). Malaysian are now becoming more to form big community, estimated from these 3 compound were 70 plus family, so we organized this first ever family day.

The idea was first highlighted by Mr. Awie and support by experienced committee, so the event was successful and enjoyable. Total registered family was 47.

Lets enjoy the photos ...

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