Sunday, January 31, 2010

MAQ Pasar Malam event 20/1/2010

Last Friday Malaysian Association at Qatar organized a Pasar Malam event at Malaysian Embassy. Its actually 2nd time (1st time last year when my family just arrived here) and as always it attract many Malaysian to came.

Its also appeared in Gulf Times newspaper. For time being let the picture speak for itself.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rezeki Mu

Sahabat bertanya: "Bagaimana dengan rezeki mu hari ini"
ku jawab: "Bukan rezeki yang kucari, tapi kehidupan yang lebih utama"

ada juga yang bertanya: "berapa RM target sebelum balik Malaysia?"
eemmm susah jugak nak jawab, sebab saya tak ada sebarang amaun dalam kepala....

tapi aku jawab la camni: "aku nak bagi anak2 sekolah dulu kat sini, pastu baru pikir nak balik" ... bukan tak de niat nak menabung tapi aku tak mahu rushing, biar slow and steady, supaya aku boleh sentiasa beringat dan mengimbangi amal dan rezeki, insyaAllah.

Ingat lagi dulu kawan aku rajin berseloroh ... nak pakai kete wish ke, nak beli rumah banglo ke, cepat2 sikit sebab dah nak kiamat, takut tak sempat ... 2012 dah nak dekat nih... hehehe

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lets Get Together

This time I would like to share my story of our community in Al Haya and Al Mergab.

Last week we managed to run a scuba introduction class, this week we have table tennis competition and we are planning to make a family day for 3 community, Al Haya, Al Mergab and La Palace. With all the activities running, its look like we will be busy this winter time. For me its not only for fun but the most important is we can get together.

Why it was important of being together? First, because we are all human we cannot live solely in this world, not because we will be die if not do so but being together certainly will make us more up to date with information, we can get help when needed or in case of emergency. We also have many friends to share our happy and sad time. And I think you all have better explanation than me why we must be together.

But to be together is not that easy than we can imagine, first because everybody have their ego (including you and me). We always want to be the best and looks cool to others. Second, we all like to hear gossip and rumours, why? because most of us when we chat, talks with each other these things will spice up the conversation. Then we will laugh together (owh i like that part). but sometimes when we talk we tend to make wrong assumption and perception about others ... and syaitan will do the rest.

Imagine if we all isolate ourselves from each others, than this negative things will grown up, and there will communication block between certain individus because of very different characteristics (tak sebulu orang kata). Then the worst part, you can imagine it, Lifes will become more tensions and dull.

So, that is why togetherness is important, because we can get rid of the negative things, to get to knows each other and together we can make it better. Some says, "tak kenal maka tak cinta".

To my friend out there, who spent energy and times to make people to get together, keep up your good deeds, Allah knows what you are doing and He will compensates you accordingly.

Scuba Class (thanks to Master Diver K'lots and Rudy)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Come on Guys... revs up your engine, and keep goin' ...

In our lives we do see lot of frustrated, discourage and unmotivated people. Even though they had everything and sometimes I feel I am speechless to tackle them. Here is the answer to them.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3